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End of the World with Symposium to Follow

February 2008

By Arthur Kopit  Directed by Jordana Oberman

End of the World with Symposium to Follow is a black comedy about nuclear war! A playwright, who sees himself as a Sam Spade-like detective, is commissioned by a mysterious billionaire to write a play about the 'Impending Doom'! The writer has two mysteries to solve; the truth behind the nuclear arms build-up and the reason the eccentric woman believes HE (the playwright) is the man to write about it. A very funny black comedy, but ominously real! Timely and Scary! The play is based on a true incident; back in the early 80's, playwright Arthur Kopit was commissioned by a wealthy industrialist to write a play about nuclear peril. It was the height of the Cold War and the World was doomed!

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